Table of contents


  1. Introduction
    • Scope and method
    • Report outline
  2. Data sources
    • Health system data developments
      • Medicare Benefits Schedule and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
      • National Hospital Morbidity Database
      • National Hospital Cost Data Collection
      • National mental health-care data
      • Causes of death data
      • Australian burden of disease studies
      • AIHW disease expenditure studies
      • Primary care data developments
    • Aged care data developments
      • National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse
      • My Aged Care reforms
      • A new funding model for residential aged care
      • Aged care data outside the NACDC
    • National Disability Insurance Scheme data
    • Income support data
    • National surveys
      • Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers
      • National health surveys
      • Surveys of patient experiences of health care
      • Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health Survey
    • Integrated data
      • National Integrated Health Services Information Analysis Asset
      • Multi-Agency Data Integration Project
      • National Disability Data Asset
      • Pathways in Aged Care 2014
  3. Assessment results
  4. Data gaps and opportunities
    • Opportunities for health system data
    • Opportunities for aged care data
    • Opportunities for national surveys
    • Conclusion

Appendix A: Tier 1 quality assessment for dementia data, Steps 1–2
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