Overview of dementia support services and initiatives

While many people with dementia are able to live independently and rely on family and friends for assistance, there are a range of dementia-specific services available for those in need of support, as well as for their carers, friends and family. Support services and initiatives for dementia in Australia are provided by the Australian Government, state governments and non-governmental organisations. Services vary in scope and aim, and can address a range of challenges faced by people with dementia, and their friends, families and carers. Unless otherwise specified, data and program information on this page is sourced directly through personal correspondence with Dementia Australia and Dementia Support Australia.

Refer to the Dementia support services data tables for the underlying data presented in these pages. 

What dementia-specific support services are available?

The Australian Government provides funding for multiple dementia-related services and initiatives, which aim to improve awareness and understanding of dementia and support people experiencing changed behaviours due to their dementia, and support care-givers. These include:

  • National Dementia Support Program – an Australian Government initiative delivered by Dementia Australia. The National Dementia Support Program provides information, education programs, services and resources that aim to improve awareness and understanding about dementia and empower people living with dementia and their carers and families to make informed decisions about the support services they access.
  • Staying at Home Program – a program where carers and the person living with dementia stay together for a short time in respite care, with a focus on carer wellbeing and strategies to support people with dementia at home. The program is being delivered by HammondCare (Dementia Support Australia), with other providers expected to start offering the program in mid-2023.
  • Dementia-Friendly Communities – a program delivered by Dementia Australia that builds understanding, awareness and acceptance of dementia in the community.
  • Dementia Training Program – a national approach to accredited education, upskilling and professional development in dementia care delivered by Dementia Training Australia.
  • Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service – helps staff and carers to support people living with dementia experiencing changes to their behaviour by providing assessment, clinical support, care planning, mentoring, linking to current research and a 24-hour help line, provided by Dementia Support Australia (DSA) (led by HammondCare).
  • Severe Behaviour Response Teams – provide specialist clinical support and advice to organisations and aged care staff caring for people living with severe behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia, provided by DSA (led by HammondCare).

In addition to what is funded by the Dementia Aged Care Services Fund, the Australian Government funds the following program:

  • Specialist Dementia Care Program – funds specialist dementia care units in residential aged care homes for people with very severe behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia to reduce or stabilise symptoms so that people can transition into less intensive care settings.

Need more information?

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