• Western Australia had the highest rate of practising therapists per 100,000 population (17.6); however, 40.8 % of practising therapists in Western Australia worked in private practice.
  • Overall, it was estimated that there were 7.8 practising therapists per 100,000 estimated resident population.
  • Just over half of practising therapists were between 35 and 44 years of age (56.7%).
  • Only 8.3% of practising therapists qualified in the 5 years prior to the collection.
  • Nearly three-quarters cited school dental service as their main practice type (73.4%).
  • Just over half of all practising therapists worked part-time (64.5%).
  • Therapists in the 20 to 29 years age group were more likely to work full-time than part-time, whereas those in the 30 years or older age groups were more likely to work part-time.
  • There was an estimated 4.8% decrease in the number of practising therapists since the 1997 collection.
  • The percentage of therapists 40 years or older had increased from 25.0% in 1997 to 47.8% in the year 2000.