Activity limitations

Activity limitations reflect the difficulty a person has in executing a task or action.

Core activities

Most younger people who enter permanent residential aged care have a limitation in 1 or more core activities (Figure 1). The most common are related to self–care (88%) and moving around (77%). Fewer younger people (49%) have a limitation in movement, and fewer still limitation in communication (39%). About 1 in 4 (22%) have limitations in all 4 core activities.

This varies by age. For example, those aged under 50 are more likely to have a core activity limitation than those aged 50–59 and 60–64. Almost 36% of those aged under 50 have an activity limitation in all 4 core activities, compared with 24% and 18% for those aged 50–59 and 60–64 respectively.

Other activities

Also common among younger people who enter permanent residential aged care are limitations relating to:

  • transport (93%)
  • health care tasks (92%)
  • social or community participation (92%)
  • domestic activities (87%)
  • meal preparation (87%)
  • home maintenance (73%) (Figure 1).

Two in 3 (66%) have limitations in all 6 ‘other’ activities.