The first Hospital Utilisation and Costs Study (HUCS 1985-86) consisted of four volumes:

  1. Commentary, Harvey and Mathers;
  2. Survey of public hospitals and related data, Mathers and Harvey;
  3. Projecting acute hospital demand in 1996 for New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, Gillett and Harvey;
  4. Studies and reports prepared by and for the Australian Institute of Health, Renwick, Stevenson, Staples and Butler.

As these titles suggest, that report not only provided a comprehensive review of institutional health care for 1985-86, it also described trends and considered a number of related issues.

The second Hospital Utilisation and Costs Study (HUCS 1987-88), Gillett, Parslow, Scholes and Renwick, consisted of a single volume updating the information provided in HUCS 1985-86.

HUCS 1989-90 consists of two volumes:

  1. A survey of public hospitals and related data, Gillett and Solon. This volume updates institutional data given in Volume two of HUCS 1985-86 and HUCS 1987-88. Summary hospital morbidity data are not included.
  2. The use of acute hospitals-a summary of hospital morbidity, Gillett, Liu and Solon. This volume summarises information available from hospital discharge abstract databases (hospital morbidity data) for 1989-90, or the closest available year. It greatly extends the data provided in Chapter 5 of HUCS 1987-88.

The Institute has provided each health authority and the Commonwealth Grants Commission with a copy of the HUCS survey data for public hospitals within their jurisdiction. These data files are identical in format and can be used for further analysis and for comparison with aggregated data presented in this report.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare plans to publish a report considering trends in hospital use, staffing levels and costs throughout the three HUCS surveys.