Disease expenditure in Australia 2018-19 describes the activity and characteristics of Australia’s health care system in terms of estimated expenditure for different demographic groups in the population, and expenditure relating to different groups of diseases.

This web report provides the most recent data available on the health care expenditure on all Australian Burden of Disease Study conditions, including expenditure by health care sector, type of condition, age group, and sex. Information is presented on the web pages using interactive visualisations, and downloadable Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Findings from this report:
  • The highest expenditure condition group for males was Cardiovascular diseases ($6.7 billion)

  • The highest expenditure specific condition was Dental caries ($5.1 billion)

  • The highest expenditure group was Musculoskeletal disorders, followed by Cardiovascular diseases

  • The highest expenditure condition group for females was Reproductive and maternal ($8.7 billion)