Australian Burden of Disease conditions

The Burden of Disease conditions list contains 219 conditions in 17 groups. This is not an exhaustive list of all possible health conditions and, as such, the spending associated with ‘other’ conditions within a group is relatively large. For example, spending on Other maternal conditions includes costs related to healthy childbirth, which is not a health condition in the Burden of Disease list. Injury spending can be viewed in two ways, by the nature of injury (such as fractures) and the cause of injury (such as road traffic crashes).

  • The condition categories with the highest spending were Other cardiovascular, Other Musculoskeletal, and Dental caries (excludes ‘not elsewhere classified’ groupings)
  • The specific conditions with the highest spending were Dental caries, Falls, and Osteoarthritis (excludes all ‘other’ conditions within groups)

Spending on conditions varies by sex.

  • For females, spending was highest on Other maternal conditions, Other musculoskeletal conditions and Other cardiovascular diseases. For specific conditions, the highest were Falls, Osteoarthritis, and Back pain and problems.
  • For males, spending was highest on Other cardiovascular diseases, Other musculoskeletal conditions, and Other injuries. For specific conditions, the highest were Falls, Osteoarthritis, and Coronary heart disease.

Dental expenditure is not currently able to be reported by age and sex, except when provided through the MBS or as part of a public or private hospital admission. This ranking of conditions for sexes therefore excludes the bulk of dental expenditure.

The following interactive data visualisations can be used to display spending on condition groups by age and sex, for each area of expenditure. Data used to create the visualisations can also be downloaded as an Excel workbook.