Deaths among all Australians with RHD

In 2014–2018, there were 315 deaths reported among people with RHD in the registers. Of these deaths:

  • 248 deaths were Indigenous Australians (79%)
  • 159 deaths occurred in Northern Territory (50%)
  • 208 deaths occurred among females (66%)—similar to overall rates of RHD
  • 135 deaths occurred among people aged 45–64 (43%)
  • 56 years was the median age of death (similar for males and females).

Among Indigenous Australians with RHD who died, almost half (116) were aged 45–64 and 1 in 3 (84) were aged 15–44. Indigenous Australians with RHD who died during 2014–2018 had lived with their diagnosis for a median of 11 years.

These people could have been diagnosed at any time since RHD registers have been operational, but had died between 2014 and 2018. Of the people that died, 42% (132) had been diagnosed with RHD in or after 2008.

This analysis was not restricted by cause of death—people with RHD may have died of any cause. Cause of death is not captured on registers.