Table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title and verso pages
    • Contents
    • Acknowledgments
  • Body sections
    1. Introduction to the NOPSAD collection
      1. What is the NOPSAD collection and why was it developed?
      2. What is the NOPSAD collection used for?
      3. Purpose of the NOPSAD data guide
    2. Scope of the NOPSAD collection
    3. NOPSAD counting rules
    4. Administrative features in each jurisdiction
    5. Data transmission, collation and reporting
    6. Data required for the NOPSAD collection
      1. Number of clients receiving pharmacotherapy drugs
      2. Number of clients by pharmacotherapy drug type and prescriber type
      3. Number of clients by pharmacotherapy drug type and dosing point site
      4. Number of pharmacotherapy prescribers
      5. Number of pharmacotherapy dosing point sites
      6. Sex of clients
      7. Age group of clients
      8. Indigenous status of clients
    7. Data item definitions
      1. Prescriber
      2. Pharmacotherapy client
      3. Pharmacotherapy prescriber type
      4. Pharmacotherapy dosing point site
      5. Pharmacotherapy drug
      6. Client sex
      7. Client age group
      8. Client Indigenous status
    8. Data release guidelines
      1. Purpose
      2. Background
      3. Summary of unpublished data access options
      4. AIHW charging policy for ad hoc information services
      5. Other alcohol and other drug data
      6. Requests for release of NOPSAD unpublished state/territory data
  • End matter
    • Appendix 1: 2008 transmission specifications
    • References