All Indigenous people are eligible for an annual Indigenous-specific health check: item 715 on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). This tool shows numbers and usage rates of the checks at national, state and territory and Primary Health Network levels. Charts can be customised to show different time periods and, where possible, disaggregations by age and sex. 

  • Cat. no: WEB 125
Findings from this report:
  • Health check rates in 2016–17 ranged from 23% (in people aged 15–24) to 43% (in people aged 65 and over).

  • In 2015–16, health check rates in Primary Health Networks ranged from 3% (Eastern Melbourne) to 40% (Western NSW).

  • In 2015–16, health checks in Primary Health Networks ranged from 163 (Northern Sydney) to nearly 30,000 (Northern Qld).

  • In 2016–17, the smallest gap between health check rates and 2023 goals was in the 15–24 age group (27% compared to 42%).