AIHW authors and contributors

This tool was originally designed and authored by Helen Kehoe, Ronda Ramsay and Helen Johnstone from the Indigenous and Children's Group at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. This team was responsible for the first (April 2014) and second (August 2014) releases, with assistance from Jeremy Spindler on the second release.

The third (December 2014) release was authored by Helen Kehoe, Jeremy Spindler and Michelle Gourley.

The fourth (July 2015) release was authored by Helen Kehoe, Jeremy Spindler and Adriana Vanden Heuvel. Valuable assistance was provided by Martin Edvardsson, Jessica Cargill and Brett Nebe.

The fifth (July 2016) release was authored by Helen Kehoe, Indrani Pieris-Caldwell and Stacey Costello. Martin Edvardsson, Ronda Ramsay, Jess Cargill, Bron Wyatt and Helen Johnstone also provided valuable help.

The sixth (December 2017) release was authored by Helen Kehoe, Scott Wu and Stacey Costello, under the management of Indrani Pieris-Caldwell and Helen Johnstone. Quan Nguyen and Kate Wright provided valuable assistance.

Fadwa Al-Yaman, Head of the Indigenous and Children’s Group at AIHW, provides ongoing advice and guidance on this project.

Stacey Costello, from AIHW’s Technology and Transformation Unit, built the original reports in the SAS VA software. He continues to help refine, improve and maintain the tool.

External contributors

Dr Mitchell Whitelaw, Associate Professor Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra, produced the first prototype of the tool and helped change thoughts into reality.

Prometheus Information Pty Ltd produced Indigenous population estimates at small geographic levels, under contract to the Department of Health. Population estimates at the Medicare Local, peer group and Primary Health Network levels used in the tool were based on, or sourced from, this work.

Thanks are also extended to the many stakeholders who provided input to the initial development of the tool, including:

  • Australian Medicare Locals Alliance and individual Medicare Locals
  • National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and members
  • Royal Australian College of General Practice
  • the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • the Australian Government Departments of Health, Human Services, and Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • advisory bodies including the National Advisory Group on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Information and Data and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Standing Committee
  • Inala Indigenous Health Service
  • Indigenous Eye Health Unit, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Centre for Health Equity, The University of Melbourne
  • National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance.