Organisations and clients

The number of organisations providing data to the national Key Performance Indictors (nKPIs) each reporting period varies—in the June 2017 reporting period there were 228 organisations, increasing to 233 at June 2018, and again to 234 at June 2019.

Reporting organisations, by state/territory and remoteness, reporting period

This Tableau visualisation shows the number of organisations reporting to the nKPIs by:

  • state/territory (NSW/ACT, Vic, Qld, WA, SA, Tas, NT)
  • remoteness area (Major cities, Inner regional, Outer regional, Remote, Very remote).

Reporting periods of either June 2017, December 2017, June 2018, December 2018 or June 2019 can be selected.

Data supporting this visualisation are available in Excel supplementary data tables at Data.

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The number of Indigenous regular clients organisations see has increased over time—from 218,945 at June 2017, to 238,845 at June 2018, and 243,108 at June 2019.

Indigenous regular clients, by age group and sex, June 2019

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Indigenous regular clients as a proportion of the estimated resident Indigenous population, by state/territory, June 2019

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