Tier 1 - Health status and outcomes

Measures the prevalence of health conditions, including disease or injury, human function, life expectancy and wellbeing, and deaths.

A wide range of data are presented for each performance measure, such as analysis by age, sex, jurisdiction, remoteness and over time. The data provided vary for each measure. Source data tables are available from the HPF 2017 data.

Each performance measure provides an outline of what is reported on, data tables, data visualisations and data sources used. The data visualisations have options for displaying detailed customisable charts that present the available data for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Data tables can be downloaded as Excel tables. The data quality appendix is also available. 

Health conditions
Measure Title Trend Data tables
1.01 Low birthweight 1.01
1.02 Top reasons for hospitalisation 1.02

Injury and poisoning

1.04 Respiratory disease 1.04
1.05 Circulatory disease 1.05
1.06 Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease 1.06
1.07 High blood pressure 1.07
1.08 Cancer 1.08
1.09 Diabetes

1.10 Kidney disease 1.10
1.11 Oral health 1.11
1.12 HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections 1.12
Human function
Measure Title Trend Data

Community functioning

1.14 Disability 1.14
1.15 Ear health 1.15
1.16 Eye health 1.16
Life expectancy and wellbeing
Measure Title Trend Data

Perceived health status

1.18 Social and emotional wellbeing 1.18
1.19 Life expectancy at birth 1.19


Measure Title Trend Data

Infant and child mortality

1.21 Perinatal mortality 1.21
1.22 All causes age-standardised death rates 1.22
1.23 Leading causes of mortality 1.23
1.24 Avoidable and preventable deaths 1.24


   Increasing trend in outcomes over time for Indigenous Australians

   Decreasing trend in outcomes over time for Indigenous Australians

  Indeterminant or no general trend in outcomes over time for Indigenous Australians

  No trend data available