3.13 Competent governance

This measure reports on governance in mainstream and Indigenous-specific health services.

Why is it important?

This measure reports on governance in Indigenous‑specific and mainstream health services. Governance refers to the evolving processes, relationships, institutions and structures by which a group of people, community or society organise themselves collectively to achieve things that matter to them (Hunt et al. 2008). The way governance functions are done has a direct impact on the wellbeing of individuals and communities (AHMAC 2017).

Related measures

Data sources

  • Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations
  • Online Services Report Data Collection


  • AHMAC 2017. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework 2017 report. Canberra: AHMAC.
  • Hunt J, Smith DW, Garling S & Sanders W 2008. Contested governance: culture, power and institutions in Indigenous Australia. Research Monograph. Canberra: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University.