Hospitalised injury 

  • 12,091 cases of playground falls injury in the 0–14 years age group resulted in hospitalisation from July 2002-June 2004.
  • Children aged 5–9 years were hospitalised at 3 times the rate of 0–4 year olds, and at four times the rate of 10–14 year olds.
  • Climbing apparatus were the mechanism of injury for 33% of hospitalised playground fall injuries, followed by trampolines (24.6%).
  • Fractures were the largest injury type (85.2% of cases).
  • Fractures to the forearm were most common (56% of total fractures).
  • Fractures to the femur recorded the longest Average length of hospital stay (9.4 days).
  • Children aged 5–9 years had the highest proportion of fractures, intracranial injuries, dislocations, and sprains and strains.


  • No deaths attributed to playground injury were identified in the reporting period.