Your Experience of Service survey instrument

About the survey

Mental health consumers' experiences of health care have long been identified by services, consumers, carers and families as being important in understanding how health services are performing and to drive service quality improvement. Substantial work has been undertaken in Australia and internationally to establish processes that regularly capture information on the perspectives of consumers and their carers about the health care they receive.

At the national level, there has been strong interest amongst the states and territories in the development of a standardised, national measure of mental health consumer experiences of care which could support quality improvement, service evaluation and benchmarking between services.

In 2010, the Australian Government Department of Health funded the National Consumer Experiences of Care project to develop a survey for use in public mental health services.

This project resulted in the development of the Your Experience of Service (YES) survey instrument. The YES survey is designed to gather information from consumers about their experiences of care. It aims to help mental health services and consumers to work together to build better services.

The YES survey instrument is being made available by the Department for use by appropriate organisations that enter a licensing agreement specifying conditions of use which are aimed at promoting consistency of use and reducing the risk of multiple versions being used.

How do I apply for a licence to use the survey

For further information on use of the YES survey and/or to apply please visit the Australian Mental Health Outcomes and Classification Network.