Interactive data

Interactive GP: Three interactive figures displaying mental health-related data in 2015–16 derived from the Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) survey of General Practitioners. Figure 1 is a vertical bar chart showing the estimated rate (per 1,000 population and per 100 demographic group specific encounters) and per cent of mental health-related GP encounters by demographic variables of age group, sex, Indigenous status and remoteness area of usual residence. Patients living in Major cities accounted for 69.2% of encounters. Figure 2 is a vertical bar chart showing the rate (per 100 encounters) and per cent of the ten most frequent mental health-related problems managed by a GP, with a breakdown by sex. The most frequent problem managed across all persons is Depression, accounting for 32.1% of all mental health-related problems. Figure 3 is a vertical bar chart showing the rate (per 100 mental health-related problems) at which five management strategies were used. The most common medication that was prescribed, recommended, or supplied was Antidepressants, at a rate of 27.8 per 100 mental health-related problems.

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