Same day admitted mental health care—private hospitals

Private hospital-based same day admitted mental health care is provided in either private hospitals with psychiatric beds or private psychiatric day hospitals (APHA 2019) (the mental health care facilities key concepts section has information on hospital types).

Private hospital same day admitted mental health care data is sourced from the Australian Private Hospitals Association Private Psychiatric Hospitals Data Reporting and Analysis Service (PPHDRAS) and is not comparable with data from the NHMD.

Some state and territory data from the PPHDRAS is aggregated to maintain privacy for participating hospitals. New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are reported together (NSW/ACT) as are Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory (WA/SA/Tas/NT). Victoria and Queensland are reported separately.

Remoteness area is coded in accordance with the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Remoteness Structure to the following categories: Major cities, Inner regional, Outer regional, Remote, and Very remote. Due to the relatively small number of patients in outer regional, remote or very remote areas, only Urban (defined as Major cities) versus Non-urban (everywhere else) is reported.

Counts of episodes include only clinically substantive episodes of care. Episodes that are of brief duration (1 or 2 contacts only) and episodes during which contacts were sparse (average interval between contacts 6 weeks or greater) are excluded from the count. Consequently, the count of episodes can in some cases be less than the count of unique patients. Further detail can be found in the data source section.

States and territories

In 2017–18, 19,763 patients received 262,172 same day mental health-related days of care from private hospitals; an average number of 13.3 care days per patient. These figures equate to 8.0 patients per 10,000 population and 105.8 care days per 10,000 population.

The rates of patients per 10,000 population ranged from 6.9 in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory (combined) to 9.2 in Queensland in 2017–18. (Figure SD.7).

There were 18,814 clinically substantive episodes of care provided in 2017–18, which is a rate of 7.6 per 10,000 population. By jurisdiction, this rate ranged from 6.3 in New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory (combined) to 9.0 in Queensland. (Figure SD.7).

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Description of figure SD.7 - Source data: Same day admitted mental health-related care tables (106KB XLS).

Patient demographics

The majority of same day private mental health related separations were female patients. The population rate of these separations for females was 1.8 times that for males (10.2 vs. 5.7 per 10,000 population).

Examining separation rates for age and sex groups shows a tendency for lower rates in children (<18 years) and older persons (65+ years) compared to other age groups. Females aged 18–24 years had the highest separation rate (15.3 per 10,000 population) of all age groups (figure SD.8).

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Description of figure SD.8  - Source data: Same day admitted mental health-related care tables (106KB XLS)

In 2017–18, the majority of patients (86.3%) receiving same day private admitted mental health care were from urban areas. Amongst the jurisdiction groups analysed, this ranged between 78.4% (WA, SA, Tas, and NT combined) and 91.5% (Vic).

Principal diagnosis

In 2017–18, the most common mental health diagnostic group, of clinically significant episodes of care was Major affective and other mood disorders (45.7%), followed by Alcohol and other substance use disorders (16.0%) and Anxiety and Adjustment disorders (11.5%) (Figure SD.9).

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