This report was prepared by Joshua Alexander, Denae Cotter, Cynthia Parayiwa, Jacqueline Rek, Kathryn Sedgwick and Michelle Welch of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), with valuable input from Louise Catanzariti, Bernice Cropper, Deanna Eldridge, Louise Gates, Michael Humphrey and Lauren McFarlane.

A large number of stakeholders provided valuable advice and input to the National Perinatal Data Collection, the National Perinatal Mortality Data Collection, the National Maternal Mortality Data Collection and to this report, including the National Perinatal Data Development Committee and the National Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Clinical Expert Group.

In particular, the following staff from the state and territory health departments who provided data and reviewed this report:

  • Tim Harrold, Martin Drummond and Sarah Pont, Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence, New South Wales Ministry of Health and Patricia Bradd and Alison Goodfellow, Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW Government
  • Staff in the Consultative Councils Unit, Quality and Safety Analytics, Data Collections Unit and Victorian Agency for Health Information.
  • Sue Cornes, Joanne Ellerington, Vesna Dunne and Ben Wilkinson, Statistical Services Branch, Department of Health, Queensland
  • Maureen Hutchinson, Daniel Bonner and Alan Joyce, Maternal and Child Health, Information and Performance Governance Unit, Department of Health, Western Australia
  • Katina D’Onise, Helen Thomas, Joanna Overell, Britt Catcheside, Stephen Corns, Rebecca Nolan and Rosie Meng, Prevention and Population Health Directorate, Wellbeing SA
  • Peter Mansfield, Peggy Tsang and Cynthia Rogers, Health Information Unit, Department of Health, Tasmania
  • Elizabeth Chalker, Rosalind Sexton and Wayne Anderson, Epidemiology Section, ACT Health
  • Leanne O’Neil, Lin Li and Belinda Jennings, Population and Digital Health, NT Health, Northern Territory.

The AIHW also acknowledges the time, effort and expertise of all clinical staff in collecting and providing the data for the NPDC, the NPMDC and the NMMDC.

Parts of this report were funded by the Department of Health as a component of the National Maternity Data Development Project.