20 Aug 2019 - The following changes were made:

  • Text in the Prevalence section of the report regarding obesity in men (42%) and women (39%) age 65–74 incorrectly stated 1 in 4 and has been revised to correctly state 2 in 5.
  • The data for 1995 in the tableau visualisation Figure 1: Proportion of overweight and obese children and adolescents aged 5–17 years, 1995 to 2017–18 were incorrect and have been updated to correctly reflect the data in text and the supplementary tables.
  • Text in the Time trends section, under the heading Children and adolescents incorrectly stated the prevalence of obesity in 2017–18 is 8.2%. This has been corrected to 8.1%.
  • Table S3 incorrectly presented the proportion of overweight or obese children in the lowest socioeconomic group (group 1) as 10.7%, this has been corrected to 28.1%.
  • Text in the Differences between groups section of the report incorrectly stated that rates of overweight and obesity for children in the highest socioeconomic areas was 25%. This has been corrected to 21% to reflect the data in the tables.