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Healthy community indicators cover health topics including health risk factors, cancer, expenditure, and different population groups. Each topic has a number of different measures which you can explore in an interactive data tool, across 31 Primary Health Network (PHN) areas.

These indicators were initially published on 19 December 2018 and include data previously published on the MyHealthyCommunities website up to October 2018.

The Australian Health Performance Framework (AHPF) incorporates the National Health Performance Framework and Performance and Accountability Framework indicators under one framework (2017).

In December 2019, the AIHW published data under the AHPF health indicators.

These AHPF health indicators also contain PHN data (where data available) and cover similar health topics, with expanded sections on the health system (accessibility, continuity of care, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, and safety) and health status (deaths, health condition, human function and wellbeing).

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Childhood immunisation (6 Measures)

Pregnancy care (2 Measures)

Low birthweight (2 Measures)

Smoking (3 Measures)