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    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s new website, has been thoughtfully designed with the user in mind.
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  • Mrs Louise Markus - Board Chair

    In December 2016, Louise Markus became the Institute’s eighth Board Chair.
    When this article was written, Mrs Markus had steered only two board meetings. What was immediately and remarkably clear, was her knowledge, appreciation and respect for the work AIHW staff carry out, and the powerful data being produced and distributed.

  • Turning thirty

    Turning thirty is often a time for reflection; a time when we perhaps pause to consider certain decisions of our youth, or contemplate our futures. At thirty, we are likely to have more responsibilities and bigger goals, and are (hopefully) wiser for our experience.

  • Graduating careers

    The AIHW’s graduate program began in 2000 and a formal development process was introduced in 2009 to increase applications and retention. And it’s worked. Each year, over 250 graduates apply, stating that the Institute is the ideal place to work.

  • The future

    In 1987, the Institute’s vision was to attract top-quality researchers to ensure state and territory confidence and concentrate on long-term aspects rather than immediate short-term problems. While the information environment (along with fashion and music) may have changed since the 1980s, Matthew James, Deputy Director at the AIHW, believes these ambitions remain core.

  • Recent study paves way for new partnership and greater opportunities

    Last year, the AIHW reported that 292 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel* took their own life between 2001 and 2014. It was the first time accurate rates of suicide deaths among ex-serving ADF personnel have been reported.