The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is a national asset. We are the leading health and welfare statistics agency in Australia, regarded as international leaders in this field.

We improve the health and welfare of all Australians by providing information and statistics that can be trusted and used with confidence. Research on the health of our community can help shape and improve the health and welfare services and programs on offer.

Our high-quality, independent evidence is used by many to improve policies and services on health and welfare issues and topics, including  expenditure, hospitals, disease, injury, mental health, ageing, homelessness, housing, disability, child protection, and the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The AIHW releases around 180 publications a year. This includes our substantial and well-researched flagship publications, Australia's health and Australia's welfare.

Governments use our reports and data. So too does the community, policymakers, researchers, and service providers.

We support stakeholders to conduct research, including through data linkage. Our Ethics Committee approves research projects

The AIHW was set up by the Australian Government under the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act (Cwlth) in 1987. We are governed by a management board, and accountable to the Australian Parliament through the Health portfolio.