Data is AIHW’s core business.

We rely on data that is secure, timely and accurate. That is why we developed VALIDATA™.

VALIDATA™ is a secure web portal that allows data suppliers to securely upload files.

Files are checked against pre-defined rules and a report of errors available to the supplier, usually in a matter of seconds. Files can be re-uploaded and re-checked until all critical errors have been corrected.

The end result is better quality data, which means better quality analysis and reporting.

In 2016, more than 71,000 files were uploaded to VALIDATA™ across 35 data collections (up from just 853 files in 2012).

A total of 207,000 files have been submitted over the last five years, and more than 1.5 trillion errors found in those files.

AIHW offers VALIDATA™ as a product or service to other government and non-government organisations.

Contact us if you need a trusted way to receive data.