Use of non-hospital Medicare-subsidised services, such as GP, allied health, specialist, diagnostic imaging, and nursing and Aboriginal health workers, varies depending on where a person lives in Australia. In 2020–21, people living in metropolitan Primary Health Network (PHN) areas were less likely to visit their GP than people from regional areas. However, on average, those people in metropolitan PHN areas who did see a GP received more services. This trend was similar for both men and women.

  • Cat. no: PHC 6
Findings from this report:
  • About one in 20 people attended an allied health service for mental health care in metropolitan and regional PHN areas

  • Total specialist attendances differed across regional and metropolitan PHN areas, from 96 to 106 per 100 people

  • People in metropolitan PHN areas had a higher number of GP services on average compared with regional areas

  • The percentage of people who saw a GP was higher in regional PHN areas (87%) compared with metropolitan areas (84%)