Table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title page and verso
    • Contents
    • Summary
    • Acknowledgements
  • Chapters
    • Part A
      • Introduction
      • Guide to this report
      • Most common cancers in women in Australia
      • Deaths from common cancers in women in Australia
      • New cases of breast cancer and deaths from breast cancer
      • Risk of breast cancer by age
    • Part B 
      • National incidence and mortality rates
      • National trends in incidence and mortality
      • National incidence rates by age
      • National incidence trends by age
      • National mortality rates by age
      • National mortality trends by age
    • Part C
      • State and Territory incidence and mortality trends
      • State and Territory incidence rates by age
      • State and Territory mortality rates by age
      • Urban and rural incidence rates
      • Urban and rural mortality rates
  • End matter 
    • Appendixes
      • Appendix 1: Tables and figures
      • Appendix 2: Additional tables
    • Glossary and abbreviations
    • References


New breast cancer data for 1997
New national data has recently become available to estimate breast cancer incidence and death rates for 1997. These data, provided by the State and Territory cancer registries to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare are the most current as at September 1999. The data for Victoria are preliminary, although not expected to change significantly. These new data build on that released in the Breast Cancer in Australian Women 1982-1996 (AIHW, AACR 1999) report released in August 1999.