The National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions (NSFCC) was released in 2017 to respond to the current and future challenges presented by chronic conditions. It is the overarching policy for the prevention and management of chronic conditions in Australia.

The NSFCC: reporting framework provides an appropriate set of 45 indicators to allow progress against the 3 Objectives of the NSFCC to be monitored in a consistent and comparable manner.

The NSFCC: reporting framework is a reference tool that provides readers with:

  • recommended data sources for reporting
  • availability of data
  • recommended presentation of indicators.

The NSFCC: reporting framework also describes the processes undertaken in developing the indicator set, including the stakeholder consultation process.

To view the data and interpretation of each of the 45 indicators as well as a high-level summary against each Objective, see the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions, reporting framework: indicator results.