Table of contents


  1. Introduction (145K PDF)
    • Terms of reference
    • Context
    • Data limitations
    • Quality of data on Indigenous service use
    • Quality of expenditure estimates
    • Economies of scale and geographic isolation
  2. Total government and non-government expenditure and funding (228K PDF)
    • Introduction
    • Expenditure and funding
    • Expenditure on health goods and services
    • Expenditure on primary and secondary/tertiary services
    • Funding of health services
    • Funding of primary and secondary/tertiary health services
  3. Changes in expenditure and funding over time (128K PDF)
  4. Australian Government expenditure and funding (211K PDF)
    • Introduction.
    • Australian Government expenditure
    • Changes in expenditure on selected major programs over time
  5. State and territory government expenditure and funding (249KB PDF)
    • Introduction
    • State and territory government expenditure
    • Local government expenditure
    • New South Wales Government expenditure
    • Victorian Government expenditure
    • Queensland Government expenditure
    • Western Australian Government expenditure
    • South Australian Government expenditure
    • Tasmanian Government expenditure
    • Australian Capital Territory Government expenditure
    • Northern Territory Government expenditure
    • State and territory government funding
    • Changes in expenditure over time
  6. Non-government expenditure (136KB PDF)
  7. Analysis of regional health expenditure (183KB PDF)
    • Introduction
    • ASGC Remoteness Areas
    • Limitations
    • Summary of findings
  8. Expenditure on health-related welfare services (148KB PDF)
    • Background
    • Total health-related welfare expenditure
    • Expenditure on welfare services for older people
    • Expenditure on welfare services for people with a disability
    • Expenditure on health-related services through ACCHSs
  9. Recommendations (89KB PDF)

Appendices (510KB PDF) (Additional tables: 368K XLS)