This report provides an assessment of state and territory performance against the performance benchmarks outlined in the National Partnership on Essential Vaccines (NPEV), for the fourth year of the agreement, covering the assessment period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

The NPEV is an agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and the states and territories, which aims “to protect the Australian public from the spread of vaccine preventable diseases through the cost-effective and efficient delivery of immunisation programs under the National Immunisation Program”.

The performance benchmarks assessed in this report are:

  1. an increase in vaccination coverage rates for 60–<63 month olds relative to the baseline;
  2. an increase in the vaccination coverage rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in at least two of the following three age cohorts: 12–<15 months; 24–<27 months; and 60–<63 months, relative to the baseline;
  3. an increase in the vaccination coverage rate for both adolescent boys and adolescent girls for HPV, relative to the baseline;
  4. an increase in vaccination coverage rates for 60–<63 month olds in four of the ten lowest vaccination coverage SA3 geographical areas in each jurisdiction, relative to the baseline; and
  5. an annual decrease in the wastage and leakage rate for agreed vaccines, relative to the baseline.

A performance milestone of “provision of annual schools HPV immunisation data for the previous school year by 30 April each year” is also specified in the Agreement. For the fourth year of the Agreement, all states and territories achieved this milestone.

Three jurisdictions (Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory) met all 5 benchmarks assessed in this report.