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Four companion reports to Foundations for enhanced maternity data collection and reporting in Australia: National Maternity Data Development Project - Stage 1 present detailed findings for several of the project components:

  1. Nomenclature for models of maternity care: literature review , July 2012, PER 62
    This report, prepared in 2012, provides an overview of the literature available at the time, including national and jurisdictional policy documentation and published literature from Australia and internationally, that relates to models of maternity care and the development of an appropriate nomenclature. It examines which characteristics can be isolated from different models of care to enable existing as well as future models of maternity care to be clearly defined and identified. This literature review and recommendations informed the development of the data framework that underpinned the proposed nomenclature and classification system taken forward to the next stage of the NMDDP.
  2. Nomenclature for models of maternity care: consultation report , December 2012, PER 64
    Following the literature review, the Nomenclature for Models of Care Working Party approved one of three proposed solutions for classifying models of care. This proposed solution, known as the Maternity Care Classification System (MaCCS) was then presented to a series of consultation forums in each jurisdiction as well as a national workshop and an electronic survey instrument. This report presents the findings of these consultation exercises undertaken in the second half of 2012.
  3. Maternal mortality: data linkage methodology , PER 65
    This report details the methodology for data linkage of maternal deaths from several data sources with the aim of better ascertaining maternal and late maternal deaths in Australia.
  4. National perinatal mortality data reporting project: issues paper , October 2012, PER 66
    This paper presents findings on the issues that need to be considered in order to produce a national perinatal mortality report that is relevant to maternity services.

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