• Older Australians—people aged 55 years and over—are being strongly caught up in the national obesity epidemic.
  • The number of obese older Australians is now approaching 1 million, which represents more than one in five of our senior people.
  • Their number has trebled over the past 20 years, due to the combined effect of an ageing population and the obesity epidemic.
  • These older Australians are about 6–7 kg heavier on average than their counterparts were 20 years ago.
  • Even Australians in their 50s and 60s are gaining weight as they gain years, at least into their mid-70s.
  • Obese older Australians are at greater risk of ill health from chronic diseases, disability and social impairment. Their increasing number has implications for health care costs, for carers and their wellbeing, and for aged care services.