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Admitted patient care 2020–21

Admitted patient care 2020–21 presents key statistics about hospitalisations in public and private hospitals, including information about the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on admitted patient care activity in Australia's hospitals.

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Australia's hospitals at a glance  

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Australia’s hospitals at a glance provides an overview of the information available on the MyHospitals national  reporting platform. It presents summary information about Australia's public and private hospitals across the following themes

  • Spending on hospitals
  • Hospitals workforce
  • Hospital activity
  • Access to hospitals
  • Hospital safety and quality

This report will be updated with the latest annual hospitals data collections held by the AIHW as they become available.

Impact of COVID-19 on hospital activity

Australia’s hospital system has played a significant role in managing and treating people infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). Between January and June in 2020, there were over 2,600 hospitalisations involving a COVID-19 diagnosis.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic also had a profound impact on hospital activity more generally. The range of social, economic, business and travel restrictions, including restrictions on some hospital services, and associated measures in other healthcare services to support social distancing in Australia resulted in an overall decrease in hospital activity.

Between 2018–19 and 2019–20, the number of hospitalisations in Australia decreased by 2.8%, whereas previous year-to-year changes indicated a consistent upward trend. 

In 2020–21, hospitalisations increased and admitted patient activity returned to expected levels based upon pre-COVID-19 levels of activity. 

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The MyHospitals national reporting platform allows users to explore information about their local hospital and Local Hospital Network (LHN), as well as trends across Australia. By using the 'Explore' menu below you can explore hospital information by:

  • Theme (icons in top row): information presented according to common themes underpinning the operation of the hospital system including access to hospitals, hospitals activity, spending on hospital services, the hospital workforce and hospital safety and quality.
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Sector and theme pages contain more detailed statistics and data visualisations.