September–October 2017

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26 Sept

*Pathways to permanent residential aged care in Australia: a Pathways in Aged Care (PiAC) analysis of people's aged care program use before first entry to permanent residential aged care in 2013–14

28 Sept

*National Drug Strategy Household Survey: detailed findings 2016

3 Oct

*BreastScreen Australia monitoring report 2014–2015

4 Oct

Health of Australia's males and females

6 Oct Health expenditure Australia 2015–16

Brain and other central nervous system cancers

TBC Mental health services in Australia: tranche 4 2017
TBC *Mental health services in brief 2017

Australia's welfare 2017


Australia's welfare 2017: in brief


Young people in child protection and under youth justice supervision 2015–16

TBC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health performance framework reports (Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia)
TBC *Australian health expenditure—demographics and diseases: hospital admitted patient expenditure 2004–05 to 2012–13
TBC Trends in hospitalisations due to falls by older people, Australia 2002–03 to 2012–13
TBC *Trends in injury deaths, Australia 1999–00 to 2011–12
TBC Australia's mothers and babies 2015—in brief

Annual report 2016–17

* MOU with Department of Health