August–October 2018

This list contains the AIHW's planned releases for the coming months.

Please note: all release dates are subject to change.

Public release date Publication title
22 August Cancer Compendium: information and trends by cancer type
27 August Young people returning to sentenced youth justice supervision 2016-17
03 September Australia's health expenditure: an international comparison 2015
10 September Older Australians at a glance 2018
14 September Analysis of cancer outcomes and screening behaviour for national cancer screening programs in Australia
18 September Children's Headline Indicators 2017-18 (data visualisation migration and update)
21 September Causes of death among serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel 2002-2015
24 September Tracking progress against the Implementation Plan goals for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023
26 September Estimates of female genital mutilation and cutting in Australia
28 September Health expenditure Australia 2016-17
02 October BreastScreen Australia monitoring report 2018
04 October Development of a potentially preventable hospitalisation indicator for general practice: consultation paper
05 October Oral health and dental care in Australia 2018
09 October Trends in injury deaths 1999-00 to 2014-15
10 October Diabetes indicators for the Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020
11 October Mental Health Services Australia in brief 2018
12 October Colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers