June 2021 – August 2021

This list contains the AIHW's planned releases for the coming months.

Please note: all release dates are subject to change.

Public release date Publication title
July 2021
27 July GEN: Younger people in Residential Aged care – (Phase 2) (update)
30 July National Framework for Protecting Australia's children Indicators (update)
August 2021
03 August Sleep–related breathing disorders with a focus on obstructive sleep apnoea
03 August Geographical variation in disease: diabetes, chronic kidney and cardiovascular disease
05 August Older Mothers in Australia 2019
11 August Serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members who have served since 1985: population characteristics 2019
13 August The first year of COVID-19 in Australia: direct and indirect health effects
17 August Hospital resources 2019-20 - update
18 August Australian burden of disease study 2018 – Key findings
19 August GEN: Annual dashboard update – batch 3 (‘My Aged Care Region’, ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people using aged care’, ‘Commonwealth Home Support Program’)
20 August Philanthropic and charitable donations
25 August Disease expenditure in Australia 2018–19 (Update)
26 August Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Measures: National report on the first year of data 2020-21
30 August Specialist Homelessness Services: monthly data (Quarter 4) – update
30 August Impacts of COVID-19 on Medicare Benefits Scheme and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: quarterly data – update
31 August Geographical analysis of hospitalised injury and injury deaths data
31 August Pedal cyclist hospitalisations: estimating on-road cases

 Other reports in production

Public release date  Publication title
September 2021    
September Indigenous eye health measures 2021
September Hearing health outreach services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the Northern Territory July 2012– December 2020 – update
September Patient experiences in Australia by small geographic areas – update
September Serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members who have served since 1985: suicide monitoring 2001 to 2019
September Australia's welfare 2021
September Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Australia – update
September Dementia in Australia – Compendium 
September Injury in Australia – update
September Palliative care services in Australia (phase 2) – update
September Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific primary health care: results from the nKPI and OSR collections – update
September GEN: Residential Aged Care Quality Indicators April - June 2021 – update
September Heart, stroke and vascular disease - Australian facts
September Oral health and dental care in Australia (tranche 5) – update