Private health insurance and community rating: who has benefited?

This is the first report on private health insurance to be published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. It provides detailed information about the benefits that different groups of insured persons derive from health insurance. It also analyses the impact of community rating* on premiums paid by the different groups.

Private health insurance and community rating: who has benefited? provides information on a current and important public health issue. It will be of interest to health planners and administrators, health insurers and health researchers.

* Community rating requires that funds charge the same premiums regardless of a person's age or state of health. Insurance price was based on average per person premiums under the existing system of community rating. It should be noted that not all individuals pay exactly this amount for health insurance. Premiums vary from the average according to the size of the family purchasing insurance, the type of premium purchased, and the particular fund joined.

2 May 1997

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