Medical workforce supply and demand

In the three years since the Australian Medical Workforce Benchmarks was finalised, substantial changes in the Australian health sector have impacted on the medical workforce.

To assist in updating the national medical workforce benchmarks, a broad ranging Discussion Paper - Medical Workforce Supply and Demand in Australia - has been prepared jointly by the Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee (AMWAC) and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). It will be released on 6 January.

The Paper was prepared to seek views on the approaches to the estimation of future workforce needs and the issues which need to be considered in updating the benchmarks. Medical Workforce Supply and Demand in Australia: A Discussion paper attempts to explain the supply and demand mismatches in the current Australian medical care system. It also seeks feedback from stakeholders on indicators of segments of the workforce in shortage, in balance and in excess of need. Medical Workforce Supply and Demand in Australia: A Discussion Paper includes chapters on:

  • Medical services expenditure in Australia
  • Patient demand for medical services
  • The international experience and lessons for Australia
  • Indicators of workforce supply in excess of need
  • Indicators of workforce shortages
  • Indicators of a workforce in balance
  • Further labour market issues
  • Data issues
  • Methodology issues in benchmark analysis


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