• AIHW establishes National Centre for Monitoring Dementia

    The AIHW is establishing a National Centre for Monitoring Dementia

  • Recent study paves way for new partnership and greater opportunities

    Last year, the AIHW reported that 292 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel* took their own life between 2001 and 2014. It was the first time accurate rates of suicide deaths among ex-serving ADF personnel have been reported.

  • The nation's heavy burden

    When it comes to weight, most of us are probably aware of our nation’s position and the fact that we’re carrying a serious burden.
    Almost 2 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting better—but it could.

  • Report cards for health

    Performance reporting is widely recognised in our modern world as a system to measure contribution, help identify strengths and areas for improvement, and to provide a yardstick for evaluation against peers. In recent years, with the start of health performance reporting at the hospital level and local level in Australia, we saw a shift that would have substantial impacts.

  • New website aims to shape future aged-care decisions

    Australia’s ageing population has been a popular topic in the media for a while now, particularly of late. From housing affordability, infrastructure and medical care, the theme has our policy makers and politicians assessing the current and future pressures.