The NMHSPF-PST is accompanied by a series of documents that are available to download.

Introduction to the NMHSPF V4.2  (PDF 1.6MB) Outlines key information about the model.

Technical Appendices for the NMHSPF V4.1  (PDF 9.8MB) Describes the epidemiology, modelling, service taxonomy and other aspects of the methodology, which underpin the model.

NMHSPF Taxonomy V4.0 (PDF 8.6MB)

NMHSPF Service Element and Activity Descriptions V4.1  (PDF 2.24MB)

NMHSPF Care Profiles V4.2  (XLSX 841kB) covering all age groups.

NMHSPF epidemiology flowcharts V4.0  (PDF 8.6MB)