General training information

NMHSPF training program

The National Mental Health Service Planning Framework (NMHSPF) and its Planning Support Tool (PST) are complex to use and require formal training before eligible individuals are granted access. In December 2021, the University of Queensland released an online training program to equip people with the required knowledge and skills to correctly use and apply the NMHSPF. The training program is self-paced and there are four stages to work through sequentially:

  • Stage 1: Introduction to the NMHSPF – In Stage 1 you will learn about the NMHSPF model and assumptions.
  • Stage 2: NMHSPF Planning Support Tool – In Stage 2 you will learn how to use the NMHSPF Planning Support Tool (NMHSPF-PST). The NMHSPF-PST allows you to generate resource estimates to inform service planning.
  • Stage 3: Comparative analysis – In Stage 3 you will learn about how to compare on-the-ground services data to the NMHSPF resource estimates to identify priorities for planning.
  • Stage 4: Assessment – In Stage 4 you will complete a regional mental health service planning scenario with the NMHSPF to demonstrate that you have the acquired knowledge and skills required to correctly use, interpret and apply the NMHSPF.

People employed by Primary Health Networks (PHNs), Local Hospital Networks (LHNs) and state and territory health departments with roles relating to mental health service planning are eligible to undertake the training and can register interest by completing the Request access form.

If current licensed users would like access to the training program, please contact [email protected] for details.

Watch this short video to learn more about the online training program: