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Australia's health performance framework

The Australian Health Performance Framework (AHPF) is a tool for reporting on the health of Australians, the performance of health care in Australia and the Australian health system. The indicators within the framework can be disaggregated and analysed through selected population groups (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples) and provide a rich source of information at the national, State and Territory and local levels (where data available).

Latest release (June 4th 2020): Data has been updated for the indicators ‘Incidence of selected cancers’ and ‘Survival of people diagnosed with cancer’.
Previous update (May 28th 2020): ‘Cancer screening rates’, ‘Net growth in health workforce’, ‘Sentinel events’ and ‘Notification of selected childhood diseases’.

How are we tracking against the framework

Framework overview (600KB PDF) - including descriptions about the domains, dimensions and where the indicators have been assigned.

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Determinants of health

Health system

Health status

This edition has results for an initial set of 45 indicators presented at a national, State and Territory and Primary Health Network level (where data available). Results for some indicators are disaggregated by population subgroups, such as sex, age group and Indigenous status.

Note: There are currently no indicators under the dimension of appropriateness such as those measuring the patient experience. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care is working to develop indicators for this dimension. The AIHW will continue to develop and improve on the performance indicators, data and information that is reported. Seeking input from stakeholders, such as Commonwealth and State/Territory government agencies, clinicians, consumers, the private sector and academics.

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Excel data file for all AHPF indicators (2.7MB XLXS)