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Health & welfare expenditure All Australia

Health & welfare expenditure

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Healthy community indicators cover health topics including health risk factors, cancer, expenditure, and different population groups. Each topic has a number of different measures which you can explore in an interactive data tool.

These indicators show the latest health information for people in a Primary Health Network (PHN) area, and how it compares with other areas.

PHNs are organisations that connect health services across a specific geographic area (a PHN area), with the boundaries defined by the Australian Government Department of Health. There are 31 PHN areas that cover the whole of Australia.

Note: these indicator pages were published on 19 December 2018, with further development planned. If you have any feedback on them, please email [email protected]. The information includes data previously published on the MyHealthyCommunities website up to October 2018.


GP and specialist expenditure (6 Measures)

Patient-reported cost barriers to health care (4 Measures)

Out-of-pocket expenses for non-hospital Medicare services (5 Measures)

Private health insurance (1 Measure)