Table of contents

Note: The latest version of the Aged Care Assessment Program Data Dictionary is available on the
Department of Health website.

  • Preliminary material
    • Title page and verso
    • Contents
    • Alphabetical list of data definitions
    • Abbreviations
  • Sections
    1. Introduction
      1. Background
      2. National Standards
      3. Objectives of the ACAP MDS Version 2.0
      4. MDS V2.0 and Data Dictionary V1.0
      5. Scope of MDS Version 2.0
      6. Limitations of MDS Version 2.0
    2. Structure of the Data Dictionary
      1. Format
      2. Content
      3. Organisation
    3. Data Definitions
    4. Performance indicators
  • End matter
    1. Appendix A
      • ACAP Data Working Group membership
    2. Appendix B
      • Evaluation Unit representatives
    3. Appendix C
      • Mapping of ACAP MDS V1.0 to ACAP MDS V2.0
    4. Appendix D
      • Definition of data element attributes
    5. Appendix E
      • Definition of performance indicator attributes
    6. Appendix F
      • Code list for Body function impairments based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), World Health Organization 2001
      • Definitions for body function impairments
    7. Appendix G
      • Code list for country of birth using the Standard Australian Classification of Countries 1998 4-digit level, Australian Bureau of Statistics Catalogue No. 1269.0
      • Alphabetic code list for Country of birth
    8. Appendix H
      • ACAP code list for Health condition - long
      • Alphabetic code list for Health condition
      • ACAP code list for Health condition - short
      • Most commonly reported Health conditions (mapped to long and short lists)
      • ACAP Health condition code list mapped to equivalent code in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases & Related Health Problems - Tenth Revision - Australian Modification (1998) (also known as ICD-10-AM)
    9. Appendix I
      • Code list for Main language other than English spoken at home using the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) adaptation of the Australian Standard Classification of Languages (ASCL), ABS Catalogue No.1267.0, 1997, to accommodate a 2-digit code