Table of contents

Preliminaries: Acknowledgments; Abbreviations



HALE over the lifecourse

  • HALE and life expectancy at birth
  • HALE and life expectancy at older ages

Changes in HALE between 2003 and 2011

  • Changes in HALE at birth
  • Changes in HALE at age 65

HALE across the states and territories

  • HALE at birth
  • HALE at age 65

HALE by remoteness

HALE by socioeconomic group


Appendix A: Technical note

  • Methods overview
  • Life expectancy and person-years lived
    • Data sources
  • Estimating the average health of the population
    • Data sources
  • Calculating HALE
    • Calculating HALE for remoteness areas and socioeconomic groups
    • Format of results
  • What other HALE information could be available?

Appendix B: Tables

End matter: References; List of tables; List of figures