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Board Chair welcomes new AIHW Director

At the 23 June Board meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the AIHW, Dr Mukesh C Haikerwal AO, along with the other Board members, welcomed the appointment of Mr Barry Sandison as the new Director of the AIHW.

Dr Haikerwal said, 'Barry Sandison brings a wealth of experience to the AIHW, joining the Institute from the Department of Human Services where he held the role of Deputy Secretary, Health and Information. His knowledge and experience are both broad and deep, with over 30 years in the public sector in more than a dozen agencies including Employment and Workplace Relations and Commonwealth Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.'

'The Board and I are looking forward to working with Mr Sandison to steer a significant program of change for the AIHW, which will enhance current work and practices built on the solid, well-earned reputation for ethical and respectful engagement with stakeholders and on the quality and standard of our work.'

Dr Haikerwal thanked the management and staff of the AIHW for continuing to produce reports of an excellent standard on a wide range of health and welfare subjects that have informed meaningful discussions about Australia's health and welfare for nearly 30 years.

Mr Sandison started work as the Director (CEO) of the AIHW on 20 June 2016.

The AIHW Board is currently comprised of the following members:

Mr Barry Sandison

Ms Luise McCulloch

Mr Paul Madden

Dr Lyn Roberts AO

Dr Erin Lalor

Mr Michael Perusco

Mr Andrew Goodsall

Mr David Conry

Mr Philip Fagan-Schmidt

Ms Marilyn Chilvers

Dr Zoran Bolevich.

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