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World No Tobacco Day 2020

Every year, on 31 May, the World Health Organization and global partners mark World No Tobacco Day to:

  • highlight the health and other risks related to tobacco use
  • advocate for policies that reduce tobacco use
  • raise awareness about how second-hand smoke affects the smoker, their family and their community.

To better understand the far-reaching benefits of smoking restrictions underpinned by government policy and legislation through sophisticated and ongoing data collection and analysis; today we have released an impact case study: Understanding the impact of smoking (PDF 850KB).

All Australian governments are working to reduce tobacco use through tobacco control measures. The aim is to reduce smoking rates to below 10% by 2025.

Find support

Many ex-smokers successfully quit without any support. For others, getting the right support can go a long way to ensure they quit smoking for good.

Free advice and support services are available to help smokers prepare to quit and recent quitters to stay smoke free. These include:

  • Quitline — a confidential telephone advice and counselling service
  • My QuitBuddy — a free app which provides tips and tricks to quit smoking

Doctors, healthcare providers and pharmacists can also provide support and information about products that help smokers become smoke free.

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