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2022 Stakeholder Engagement Survey

The institute is interested in continually improving how it engages with stakeholders and how best to present the high volume of data and reports it publishes. 

The AIHW stakeholder engagement survey is an online survey, open from Thursday 17 February to Thursday 31 March 2022. The survey has been distributed to AIHW news and publication release subscribers only via a email link. 

This survey builds on the 2020 survey and aims to better understand preferences for engaging with stakeholders, what topics stakeholders find most useful and what and how much stakeholders would like the institute to capture in future reporting.

This survey will also provide insights on the perception of the AIHW’s reputation, as well as the institute’s performance in achieving its strategic goals.

This will guide the institute’s enhanced stakeholder engagement plans into the future.  

The survey will be conducted via Swift Digital, a survey management tool. The 11 questions should take stakeholder’s no longer that 6-8 minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous.

If you have any questions or comments on our stakeholder survey, please contact the AIHW Strategic Communications team via email [email protected] or phone +61 2 6249 5089.

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