Assistance provided by governments and community organisations is available to eligible Australians who may have difficulties securing stable and affordable housing—this support is collectively referred to as housing assistance.

More reports and statistics on housing assistance can be found under Homelessness services. The AIHW’s Housing data dashboard also contains the latest housing and homelessness data from over 20 national data sets, brought together in one place.

Housing Data Dashboard

Your window into housing and homelessness data, including over 60 interactive displays showcasing the latest publicly available data on housing in Australia.

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June 2020, just under one-third (29%) of income units were in rental stress after receiving Commonwealth Rent Assistance

There were around 436,300 social housing dwellings, a 7% increase since 2006, at 30 June 2020

Social housing tenants in Queensland had the highest satisfaction rate in 2018 (85%)

Nearly 4 in 10 social housing tenants say their home is not comfortable in the heat or cold

3 in 4 social housing tenants Australia-wide were satisfied with services provided by their housing organisation