Table of contents

  • Preliminary material (176K PDF)
    • Title page and verso
    • Contents
    • List of tables
    • List of figures
    • Abbreviations
    • Acknowledgments
    • About this report: purpose and summary
  • Sections (313K PDF)
    1. Introduction
      1. This report
      2. The value of comparable data
      3. International and national standards
      4. Dependency and its prevalence in the aged
      5. ICF and NCSIM
      6. Environmental factors and health condition
      7. Performance and capacity
    2. Dependency in aged and community care programs
      1. Aged and community care programs
      2. Measurement of dependency in aged and community care programs
      3. Evolving data collections
    3. Scope of the project
      1. Documents for comparison
      2. Terminology
      3. Data items
    4. Comparing dependency
      1. Comparison: what and how
      2. Methodology
      3. Aids and equipment
      4. Activity groups
      5. Hierarchy of activities: HACC
    5. Mapping dependency data items
      1. Item comparisons
      2. Comparisons of activity groupings: comparing self care, mobility and communication
    6. Main findings, recommendations and data issues
      1. Main findings
      2. Recommendations
  • End matter (283K PDF)
    • Appendix A: Mapping of data items to the ICF
    • Appendix B: Mapping of data items to the ICF (diagrammatic)
    • Appendix C: National Community Services Information Model Version 1
    • Appendix D: Mapping of data items to 'Need for personal assistance'
    • References