The authors of this report were Jennifer Zhou, Jane Akhurst and Kristina Da Silva from the Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs Unit of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Essential support and guidance was provided by Holly Jian, Parker Blakey, Willow Bryant, Louise Tierney, Gabrielle Phillips and Oscar Yang.

The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care provided funding for this report.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the contributions, comments and advice of the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Data Set Working Group.

Thanks are extended to the data managers and staff in the following departments:

  • Department of Health and Aged Care, Australian Government
  • New South Wales Ministry of Health
  • Department of Health, Victoria
  • Queensland Department of Health
  • Western Australian Mental Health Commission
  • Department for Health and Wellbeing, South Australia
  • Tasmanian Department of Health
  • Australian Capital Territory Health Directorate
  • Northern Territory Department of Health.


29 April 2024 – The phrasing of NDSHS daily cannabis use statistics has been updated to refer to the proportion of people aged 14 and over who had recently used cannabis, rather than the proportion of people aged 14 and over in Australia. This change impacts the ‘Cannabis use’ section, report summary and ‘About’ page.