Notes and corrections 

  1. (23Sep2015) Summary updated: Number and % of clients (under first and third bold points); % of non-diversion episodes for alcohol (under fourth bold point).
    Diversion and drug treatment services section updated: Number and % of treatment episodes for clients referred from police or court diversion programs (third paragraph).
    Are diversion clients a distinct client group among AOD clients? section updated: Number and % of clients (first paragraph).
    Are diversion clients different from non-diversion clients? section updated: % of non-diversion client episodes involving alcohol (second sentence); numbers and % for non-diversion treatment episodes (first paragraph); % of non-diversion episodes that ceased due to expiation (third paragraph).
    Are there differences between clients subject to police diversion and to court diversion? section updated: % of clients receiving treatment not related to diversion (second paragraph).
    Demographics section updated: % diversions clients aged under 30 (first paragraph); % male police diversion clients (second paragraph).

Figures 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 revised.

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