Australia's welfare is the AIHW's biennial report that presents reliable information on population factors that underpin the demand for welfare services, welfare spending and the composition of the community services workforce. This report examines the welfare of Australians through the life course, starting at childhood, then moving through youth to working age and the later years of growing older.

This edition combines analytical feature articles on a variety of contemporary welfare issues with short statistical snapshots following a life-course approach.

It covers:

  • understanding welfare
  • Australia's welfare spending and workforce
  • child wellbeing
  • young people
  • working age
  • growing older
  • diversity and disadvantage in Australia
  • indicators of Australia's welfare.

Both Australia's welfare 2015, and Australia's welfare 2015—in brief are available to purchase in hard-copy, as PDF downloads free of charge, and in HTML formats.

Additional material includes educational resources, supplementary tables and feature articles and snapshots.